Lisa Papenfuhs. testimony MIBC

Lisa Papenfuhs.


毕业生 - 2012年2月


Prior to attending the Allen School, I worked as a supervisor in the manufacturing industry for 7 years. While initially I was concerned about going back to school after being out for 8 years, I took the challenge and went to the books. At one point, I even called my advisor crying concerned I wouldn’t be able to succeed as I had never worked in the medical field previously. After 9 months, I graduated with a 3.67 GPA and immediately began my job search. A friend of mine called me when she heard of my graduation as a Medical Billing and Coding student and referred me to Achieve Beyond USA, a Pediatric Therapy & Autism office. I attended the interview in the beginning of June, and received assistance from my Career Services advisor. 职业服务 helped calm my fears and reassured me on the question and answers that would be asked during the interview process. In August, I 正式 开始我的职业生涯作为账单协调员。这项工作的第一周非常详细,有点压倒,但治疗师和董事真是太好了让我感到非常放心。经理一直不仅仅是乐于助人,并提供所有培训我需要在我的位置取得成功。我要感谢每个人参与他们的奉献精神及其建议,让我在学校和正确的轨道上。自从我从以前的公司放手以来,它已经过了一年时间,我已经开始了我的职业生涯作为结算协调员。我不能兴奋!谢谢艾伦学校!